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Travel Grants

We are pleased to announce that the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) provides a number of travel grants to MLSP2018 participants who author or co-author an accepted paper. The total amount of support for MLSP2018 is USD 2,500, and each individual grant ranges from USD 500 to USD 1,000, depending on the region an applicant is from and the number of applications that MLSP2018 will receive.

Please refer to the general SPS guidelines for travel grant support here:

SPS Current Travel Grant Page
SPS travel grant FAQ

To apply travel support, an applicant is asked to provide an application letter and a recommendation letter. The application letter should include information about the applicant, information about her/his accepted MLSP2018 paper(s) and a statement of the need for receiving a travel grant and the importance of attending MLSP.

Applications should be sent to, and the travel grant committee of MLSP2018 will review the applications and award grant to select recipients.

Important dates:

Application deadlineJuly 16
Decision notificationJuly 30

If awarded, the grant will be payed directly to you by IEEE. You will still have to carry out a registration for the conference as explained on the registration page.

Please direct questions to

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